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Home Automation

Anchorage’s Most Trusted Satellite Service for Home Automation

When you need satellite service there is one name you should know, Rocket Satellite Corporation. Since 1994 we have been Anchorage’s leaders in the industry. TV, satellite, service, installation, and now beyond! Let us help you step into the future. We have the know-how to hook up your house to your phone. The benefits are endless. Save money, save time. Let us show you how.
Call today! (907) 563-5563
Couple using laptop for home automation and energy control in Anchorage, AK

Energy Control

Monitor your thermostat and lights when you’re away from home. No more forgetting to adjust these energy users before you leave, do it on the go. Having this ability could save you hundreds of dollars in a lifetime, and we have the means to make it happen. Contact us to learn more about this exciting possibility. 
Hands holding tablet for video surveillance in Anchorage, AK

Video Surveillance

Protect your house even while you are away. Keep an eye on your property and belongings from the palm of your hand. From kids to critters you’ll always be able to make sure things are running smoothly. Home security has never been easier. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today!
Woman using tablet for smart home technology in Anchorage, AK

Smart Technology

We have the technology and know-how to help you utilize your smart phone to control your heating, lighting and audio systems. These devices have so many capabilities it would be silly not to use them to your advantage. Don’t fear the unknown, embrace it. It can and will make your life a lot easier. Let us show you how it works. Contact us to get started today.
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